Kobani held a awareness lecture about how best way to deal with abused children

Within the framework of the celebration of the World Day for the child on the 20 of November through The center of childhood friends under the slogan their childhood our future , the foundation ‘s Kobani team did a guidelines lecture for Parents of abused children and who exposed to psychological trauma as a result of the situation experienced by the Kobani after ISIS attack on it.
The lecture managed by Nariman Suleiman program coordinator for Women and Children for Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights in Kobani, which focused on how to deal with children who suffer from trauma resulting from military violence in the country.
The lecture emphasized the importance of accepting the child behavior in this stage
And the role of the parents in dealing with the children who expose for these trauma, in addition to explaining the problems that the children suffered in post- trauma
Nine women participated in from children relatives and some problems which children suffering have been discussed especially fear, Urinating reflex and isolation in the conflict and war phase.