Nonviolent struggle is continuing: No To Violence

Despite all the violence in the country and tension and terrible apprehensions between partners of one nation, the team of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights is continuing in its calls to stop the violence in Syria and the need to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and to focus on effective dialogue to reach agreements to end the cycle of violence in Syria. In the framework of the campaign” No To Violence” on the occasion of the International Day of Non-Violence on 2 October , the team of foundation started in the cities of al-Hasakah and Ra’s al-Ayn in hanging flexes anti-violence. The campaign will include stops of protests and other activities which call for the cessation of violence in Syria. Foundation used to celebrate this day three years ago to do various activities. This year the campaign on behalf of the British nonviolent activist #David_Heinzand the last year was on behalf of the American relief activist#Peter_Kaseg
No Violence , the #InternationalDayofNonViolence

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