Notice about the weekly bulletin for the victims of the conflict in Syria

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights worked through its specialized program to monitoring and documenting human rights violations on the issuance of weekly bulletin for victims of the conflict and hostilities taking place in our country Syria through the follow-up of more than 45 fighting and dispute points between all parties in at least nine provinces of Syria.
After a discussion of the results and the impact of these public bulletin issued by the Monitoring and Evaluation team at the Foundation.
Board of Directors issued a recommendation to review the areas that covered by the bulletin, where it was found the presence of dozens of Syrian organizations working in these areas and they make great efforts to monitor and document the victims.
Therefore our organization deems to stop coverage of those areas and rather than focus on the areas where there are formal offices or intends to open offices soon in Menbej and Afrin, in addition to areas of the Aljazeera,Tel Abyad, Kobani and Sheikh Maksoud.
Confirmation from the institution to does not waste efforts and resources or rivalry the associate organizations outside official offices areas in hopes of making a complementary in their work to cover the widest possible areas where appalling violations and crimes against the unarmed civilians occur.
The end of advancing our organization to its workers in areas that have stopped their coverage utmost appreciation and respect and thanks for what they have been done in the period and confirmed the necessity of continuing to provide a helping hand for all organizations working in the areas where they are working.
Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights Team
20 th October 2016