Olive branch arrest an aid worker in Afrin

Our activists in Afrin have reported that on Saturday 31st March, 2018 members of Sultan Murad Division, one of Syrian opposition militia backing Turkish military operation in Afrin, arrested Kurdish photographer and aid worker, Dalshan Qarh Chul on the charges of possessing a camera. She was taken to a Turkish military interrogation center in Azaz city controlled by Turkish army and Syrian opposition groups.

Qarh Chul, born 1975, has been working in photography since 2005, participated in several exhibitions in Aleppo city and is working in a small center for teaching children photography and music. She stayed in Afrin during Turkish invasion and she has recently started relief work through the Kurdish-Arab relief Committee in Afrin to help the displaced people of Afrin to return to their home.

Detention of an aid worker is not only another violation to add to many violations that occurred during olive branch operation, but also is a flagrant breach of international humanitarian law and Geneva Conventions, specifically the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of relief and humanitarian workers.
Especially that Turkey continues to prevent local media and international and local human right organisation from conducting any investigation into these grave and ongoing violations in Afrin.

We, at Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights, stress the importance of immediate disclosure of the fate of photographer and aid worker Dalshan Qarh Chul and her release. We appeal to the international community to assume its duties in protecting local relief workers and provide support of Afrin people to help them to return to their home.

03rd April 2018