on the International Day of Peace #TOGETHER

The road map to resolve the Syrian conflict as viewed by civil society organizations 2015

Civil society organizations pose a roadmap to stop the inflammatory situation between the components of the Syrian society!
Civil society organizations relay, and concern the deep, the outgrowth of the Syrian public discourse,
 which does not bode any assurances to the Syrian people components, as the recently – as a result of the lack of the awareness of the risks of broadcasts most of the media developed – to spread the spirit of segregation and lobbying, stressing freedom the press and expression, and the need for the various warring factions commitment to take into account a letter of Syrian civil peace standards, and adhere to codes of human rights, rejecting any incitement violent towards the other.
We in civil society organizations, as we see in Syria, a country of national, ethnic and religious components, call upon the international community to exert all possible pressure, to rein in these cases, and work on her return to the bosom of Syria as a state of the right and the law, so as to ensure the right to self-determination and the principles of Wilson Peace and Charter of the United Nations, and so on the following basis:
1. call for a cease-fire between the parties to the conflict.
2. Directed by foreign armed militias outside Syria to cooperate with the
United Nations and the international community.
3. claim neighboring countries to close their borders to foreign militants.
4. cancel all chauvinism decisions  and restore the rights of their respective owners.
5. halt attacks on religions, races and all creeds.
6. Work to address the kidnapped and missing persons file.
7. ensure the return of displaced people to their areas.
8. release of all prisoners of conscience, and close the file of political imprisonment.
9. Stop mutual accusations between the different components, or within a single component thereby intimidating, not carrying component exercise group or party of it, in such a way to get him out of the national circuit.
10. granting Syrian population areas provide interim management services,reservation of security and safety for its citizens to move to power in the country to an agreed authority.
11. We demand international organizations like the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League as well as human rights organizations working to provide all forms of support to Syrians inside and outside their areas.
12. call for the convening of a national conference bringing together parties to the conflict under the auspices of the United Nations, and the adoption of the decisions of the Geneva Conference (1) the basis for a solution.
13. Authority to work to bring about transitional justice in Syria under the auspices of the Human Rights Council.
14. Syrian rights of all components in the multi-party democratic state guarantee within the framework of the decentralization policy, according to international conventions and to recognize the constitutionally.
This document has been the adoption on 20.9.2015 of the light modifying document of peace raised by the fraternity(Birati) Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) in 21/6/2015

The conclusion of 7 Days For Peace Campaign2016

Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights (FFHR) concluded its annual campaign 7 Days for Peace, which was launched for the occasion of the International Day of Peace on 21 September.
The Foundation distributed two booklets in Arabic and Kurdish on the behalf of the campaign.
It included:
Introduction to Peace United Nations General Assembly resolution on the International Day of Peace
Wilson’s principles of peace.
Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace.
Declaration on the participation of women in promoting international and cooperation peace.
A special agreement for respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land.
The booklet was distributed in Tel Abyad, al-Hasakah and Qamishli. To read the booklet please click here, the booklet of peace.

The campaign was also permeated solidarity stops for this occasion in the cities mentioned. The Foundation concluded the campaign on 21 September 21, with talk seminars for Christian clergymen and Islamic religious men and peaceful political figures in each of Tel Abyad, al-Hasakah and Qamishli.

Qamishli :
In the framework of its 7 Days for the Peace Campaign , the team of our Foundation made a talk seminar in Qamishli City on the peace and its religious and civil concepts in its headquarter in the city. It was attended by the14329939_296484300731387_7616485317197919420_nformer political detainee, Gabriel Moshe Koreyah who is the official of political bureau in the Assyrian Democratic Organization. He was attended as a representative of the organization’s role in the peace process and its attempt to it in Syria. The Christian religious man, Rev. Samir Canon, the patron St. Jacob’s Church Nasippini Chaldean in Qamishli also talked about the role of the peace of the concept of the Christian religion. It was discussed through religious stories and. Musa Mohammed Ali, the man of human rights, explained concept of peace from the point of view of human rights. The seminar was attended by more than 30 females and males who are interested and it was enriched by the interventions of the audience.

Al-Hasakah 21|9|2016
7 Days for the Peace Campaign was concluded which was launched by Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights on the occasion of International Day of Peace, which falls on 21 September. It was done through a talk seminar in Foundation’s headquarters in al-Hasakah City attended by social events, the organizations of Civil Society and media that covered the event. It was attended by Dr. Sheikh Yassin Yassin and Mr. Moussa Hanna14344739_1078750898846724_8226011378852328067_n
The seminar began by welcoming the attendees by colleague Ibrahim Akhto, the director of Peace Programme in the Foundation. He talked about the activities of Seven Days for the annual Peace Campaign. Then Sheikh Yassin, a doctor of Law Faculty in al-Hasakah, spoke about the role of Islam in peace and its relationship to other religions. Then The professor Moussa Hanna Issa, a lawyer and member of the National peace Council in
Al-Hasakah talked about in the role of peace and the region’s need for strengthening the foundations of peace and spread the culture of peace to resolve the conflict in Syria
Some attendees participated through interventions for peace and thanked the Foundation on this campaign and work continuously in this way.

Tel Abyad
The Fraternity team in Tel Abyad City  distributed Peace booklet issued by Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights in the framework of the International Day of Peace on 21 September as flexes were raised up to express the occasion and its promoting in the city streets in the local languages; Arabic Kurdish and Syriac. These activities come in the framework of celebration of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights the International Day of Peace through 7 Days for the Peace Campaign.

It is worth mentioning that this campaign has been an annual tradition of the Foundation since its inception to emphasis on the importance of peace and commitment to General Assembly resolution of congestion and attention on this occasion. It coincided this year with the launch of calls for the continuation of the cessation of hostilities in Syria, where the Foundation has appealed to dozens of international and local organizations need to stop fighting and conflict ongoing in Syria for more than five years leading to thousands of victims, most of them are children and women with the insistence of the Syrian regime to commit daily massacres and fragility of the international attitude to find a real way out of this complex issue, and the absence of the Syrian opposition can do its national and humanitarian duty towards the Syrian homeland.

The Foundation launched a call for peace in Syria late last year in the same event in partnership with 17 local organization. It was then called a document of peace for organizations of civil society to resolve the conflict in Syria
To view the document please click here, the document of peace.