our activities as a case study in the new International Guide of advocacy

Lifeline consortium releases new resource for civil society

Thousands of civil society organizations worldwide find themselves operating in environments where their ability to freely assemble, associate, and express themselves is severely restricted. To support organizations facing these obstacles to fundamental freedoms, the Lifeline Embattled CSO Assistance Fund – a consortium of 7 international non-governmental organizations supported by 19 governments – is releasing the Advocacy in Restricted Spaces Toolkit. The Toolkit is a new and practical resource that emphasizes that advocacy is possible even in highly restrictive spaces.

Placing the advocacy planning process within the context of risk assessment and mitigation, the Advocacy in Restricted Spaces Toolkit is intended to be used by grassroots, national, and regional civil society organizations that aim to engage in advocacy in restrictive environments. The Toolkit provides real-world examples of how civil society can be effective even under significant duress. In the era of COVID-19 restrictions, the tactics and case studies (Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) activities are one of them) included in the Toolkit are perhaps even more relevant as growing numbers of civil society organizations find themselves operating in increasingly restrictive space where traditional advocacy tactics may no longer be feasible.

Proud of that we were part of this work Download here: freedomhou.se/advtoolkitpdf

To explore how CSOs can find effective avenues for advocacy even under COVID, please join the Lifeline Consortium for an interactive workshop: “Creative Campaigning in Restrictive Spaces” on Wednesday, July 1, 9:00-10:30 am EDT.  After a presentation of the toolkit, the workshop will feature remarks by UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Association and Assembly Clement Voule and break-out sessions to dive more deeply into advocacy tactics that can be used in restrictive spaces. Please register here.