Panel discussion on civil peace held in Qamishli

A seminar on civil peace was held last week in Syria’s northeastern city of Qamishli by Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati).

The seminar was attended by a group of cultural, political and civil elites from civic organizations in the city.

The seminar that started on March 1 was managed by Mahabad Khalil, an official at Kurdistan Democratic Youth and Students Union of Rojava and Sameera Issa, a member of Assyrian Woman Commission.

Ms. Khalil and Issa are prominent members of Peace She-Leaders project that is being launched in the region by FFHR.

The lectures and discussions of the panel revolved around the concept of civil peace in addition to the important bases upon which the civil peace depend.

The seminar was held by the support and participation of various components of the city, including Kurds and Arabs, which met with a positive reaction and impressions.

Fawaz Ose, a spokesperson of Ashti Organization tookj part in the seminar and spoke about the absence of trust between the factions of the regions due to the absence of joint civil projects between organizations.

“Unfortunately, the activities and projects held by most organizations in the region lack diversity in terms of the ethnic and religious factions, and thus each organization is confined by its own ethnic or religious group only,” he said.

Ose also praised FFHR/Birati  for holding such multi-cultural projects that strengthen the coexistence relations among the ethnic and religious factions in the region.

These events come under the FFHR/Birati project of the administrative and political empowerment of women in the region under the name of Peace She-Leaders.

The project focuses on the consolidation of the role of women in defending their rights and consolidation of civil peace.