Peace Checkpoints replace some security checkpoints in Hasaka

A group of female activists from Syria’s northeastern city of Hasaka launched a cultural initiative by setting up a number of checkpoints of a new fashion and void of any security nature in some neighborhoods of the city calling people to strengthening the relations of coexistence, tolerance and peace.

The initiative members belonging to Peace She-Leaders, a group of female activists formed by Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati), set up a checkpoint in a street near the Assyrian Church in Tal Hajar neighborhood of the city, wearing folkloric clothes of all ethnic and religious factions of the region, including Kurds, Arabs, and Assyrians.

The activists held banners with a sentence “Tolerate to bring peace” stopped the cars and people who were passing through the checkpoint and gave them white flowers calling them to tolerance and peace.

These events come under the FFHR/Birati project of the administrative and political empowerment of women in the region under the name of Peace She-Leaders.

This project insists on the need for the participation of women in the leadership of the peace process in Syria and to exercise their rights in the civil and political administration in the civil and political organizations like the male leaders, and breaking the monopoly of male leadership positions.

The idea of Peace Checkpoints came as a reaction to the military and security checkpoints in Syria which were known for a long time to expose the civilians to various kinds of harassment and intimidation, and in some warring areas it lead to arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances.