Peace Leaders concluded governing system and election sessions in Qamishli

She leader center for administrative and political empowerment in Fraternity foundation for Human Rights concluded today its second training session in Qamishli city that focused on governing system and elections more than 30 trainees representing about 28 civic organization and political parties and Democratic self-management institutions.

The session lasted for four days after increasing number of hours of the last day and canceling the fifth day due the bad weather in the region and dealt with the following themes:

Types of the governing system and its forms
Elections and its management, monitoring and evaluation and its international standards, and the difference between free elections and fair elections and other election-related topics.

With this She Leader center has finished its second training session to move after that to his practical training process and all the events came in the peace leaders project framework that the Fraternity Foundation for the Human Rights for empowering women administratively and politically implementing and its supports for effective participation in defense about the women issue and consolidation of civil peace.