Peace She-Leaders making life in southern Syria’s Suwayda

Under the slogan “Women are making life” and on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, a seminar held on Friday in the southern Syrian city of Suwayda by Tulip Center for Women and Children Support and supervised by Leaders’ Center for Administrative and Political Empowerment at Fraternity Foundation of Human Rights (Birati).

The seminar was attended by elite of women and men who represent civil, social, and political bodies in the city.

The seminar was one of the outcomes of the workshop held last month, training women leaders through their roles in civic organizations and political parties in the city.

Ms. Zakia Sneh opened the seminar and spoke about the role of women in civil society and the effects of armed conflict on women’s issues.

Another participant Mrs. Najwa Taweel talked about pioneering women’s experiences at the national, regional and international levels and the role of women in peace making.

Additionally, Mr. Adil Hadi presented a summary on discrimination against women in the Syrian law and constitution.

Then a discussion opened to address the various issues related to women, equality, peacemaking, gendering the constitution and building a citizenship-driven state (regardless to religion or ethnicity).

These events come under the FFHR/Birati project of the administrative and political empowerment of women in the region under the name of Peace She-Leaders.

The project focuses on the consolidation of the role of women in defending their rights and consolidation of civil peace in the country.

Nearly sixty civic organizations and political parties from different religious, national and political factions in Syria participated in this project.