Political assassination threatens the civil peace in Raqqa

Activists of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) have reported that today, March 15th, 2018 unknown groups assassinated Mr. Omar Alloush,  a member of Office  Relation in Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), which is a political entity that supervises Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a multi-ethnic forces led by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units backed by the USA – led international coalition to fight ISIS.

Mr. Alloush was found dead in his apartment in Tal Abyad, He was shot using pistol with a silencer. Omar Alloush was a prominent local figure who played a key role in developing the concept of coexistence and social peacein Tal Abyad. He was a member of Senate Council of Tel Abyad. In recognition of his key role in the peace in Tal Abyad and countryside of Raqqa, FFHR honoured him on the International Day for Tolerance in 2016, alongside Ibrahim ElSayed, a lawyer and member of Raqqa’s rebuilding committee, who survived a similar assassination attempt in front of his house in Tel Abyad that left him paralyzed.

We, at FFHR, express out deepest sorrow and condolences to his family and affirm that the loss of those who are instrumental in establishing civil peace is a great loss for the struggle for peace in Syria and for the efforts to stabilize liberated communities from ISIS. We also call upon the US-led international coalition to take serious steps in establishing security and stability in the region and implementing active measures to recover the local communities from the effect of ISIS terrorism so that these communities will not be vulnerable to re-emergence of terrorism and its role in undermining civil peace.  This can be achieved through supporting, developing, and enhancing the capacity of  local civil society organisations so they can assume their role in maintain peace, coexistence, and sustainable development which will ultimately lead to security and peace in Syria.

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights- FFHR
15th March, 2018