Professional workshop in accounting for women’s empowerment in Qamishli

The Empowerment center for women in Qamishli city started today the provision of training and education of accounting and business accounting skills for 12 trainees under the supervision of trainer Helin Walika. Where the Ameen program installed and the first lesson has given of the adopted curricula under the title “create a new file to a commercial company.” The group has been subject to awareness workshop in the International Justice and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on cultural, economic and social rights, managed by associates Bruin Abdul Fattah coordinator of the Fraternity Foundation for human rights in Qamishli in preparation for their transition to professional training in accounting. Accounting commercial training is the first training workshop offered by a civil society organization in the context of women’s empowerment in the region Empowerment Center for Women sponsored by the empowerment of women program in the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights was established in May 2014 and continues to work since then