Qamishli concluded the first session for She Leader Project

She leader center for administrative and political empowerment in Fraternity foundation for Human Rights concluded today its first training session in the second phase for the peace leaders project which lasted for eight days in a rate of nearly three hours daily.
The training session which 32 managerial and leadership participates in it , representing more than 24 civic organization, political parties and social, cultural, and political figures focused on leadership art and communication skills, organize and manage the meetings and others …
The training depend on doing pre- post test to identifying the participants needs and acknowledge their benefit from the training and concluded with final evaluation for all sessions to investigate the participants opinion about the strengths and weakness and evaluate the logistic support from techniques and trainers’ capacity and suitable timing for participation to avoid any shortening areas in the future.
It is worth mentioning that, Peace leader projects has lunched by Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights targeting empowering women in administrative and leadership in civic organization and political organization from various component and affiliations in the region, to achieve the equality concept for woman with administrative and leader man and break the monopoly of male for these roles, as if the project will end with lunching women net in the region contributing in defense about the women issues and participating in decision making and influence on it especially what related to peace achievement in Syria and the transitional justice in the future.