Qamishli salutes the International Day for Tolerance

The Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights Team held a day in the framework of the organization Campaign (tolerate to spread peace) on the occasion of International Day for Tolerance a seminar attended by cultural, civil and political figures and religious leaders and academic figures from all spectrums of the city Kurds, Arabs and Syriana in addition to the presence of several media organizations, including (Radio Arta, Radio Wen, the newspaper Bûyerpress, affiliation newspaper ).

Where the seminar began with a welcoming speech delivered by coordinator of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights in the city of Qamishli associates Perwin Abdul Fattah, former secretary of the Foundation, she talked about the role of tolerance and its definition and the risk of the absence of political tolerance. Then Mr. Daoud Daoud a member of the Political Office of the Assyrian Democratic Organization for the role of tolerance and its impact on any society and the role of tolerance historically and mechanisms of applying the concept of tolerance through school curricula and the media and the role of the political authorities in tolerance. Then Mrs. Aziza Alkhanafr graduate of Al-Azhar University in Egypt and student religious institute in Turkey, the joint chief for religions in Aljazeera province of democratic self- managing, explained the concept of tolerance from the perspective of Islam, according to the positions with Sahaabi and established the concept of tolerance among Muslims in addition to the stated positions held with the Prophet of Islam Muhammad ( r). And it enriched the seminar valuable inputs from the audience and participants, where Mrs. Aziza Faraho a member of the Writers’ Union and the Organization of the Kurds Bella, “I believe that religion failed to apply the concept of tolerance we have to consolidate the concept of tolerance through civil action.”
And also Mr. Faisal Alazzel Director of Arab relations in Qamishli for the World Organization for Peace spoke about the importance of tolerance and said that “tolerance and the basic building block of any society , so must our children’s education on this basis.” Mr. Amer Sheikh Halosh “We need to apply this concept, and we must take practical steps, serious and said because we are tired of talk and philosophy without any application, and we want serious steps in this area, we do not want to just talk.”
Associates Bruin concluded the seminar by thanking the audience, calling that “we have to make this a nice day today, especially as it was the International Day of Tolerance.”

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