A raid of warplanes of the Syrian regime kills a whole family.

More than four years the warplanes of the Syrian regime has caused the deaths of thousand civilians under the pretext of the bombing the armed brigades or terrorist groups or organizations belonging to the Qaeda. On Thursday, 31- 3 – 2016 at around eight in the evening a missile was landed from warplanes onto a civilian ‘s house in the village Tal Sha’air and it caused the death of all members of the family (father and mother and three children ). It is stated that the house is located close to a headquarter belonging to the ISIS. Tal Sha’air village is a Kurdish village belonging to the city Azaz administratively and the region Akhtarain . It borders Al- kamalaiya to the west and Tel Battal and Al- Ahmadiya to the north and QaraQozaq to the east. It has a population of about 1,500 people, most of them are Kurds and there are also about seven Turkish families living in it. The strategic importance of the village is that it is located on a semi-high mountain in addition to there is a hill in the village which overlooks the nearby villages.