Ras-Alayn: The Woman Empowerment finished his First Aid Workshop

The empowerment center for women has finished his first aid workshop which started almost before a month ago for 16 participants.
Where the training the workshop started with the basic principle for Human Rights awareness and CEDAW that continue for two days.
Then providing the practical training that continued for 24 days with 2 hours per a day, the training focus on taking training to measure body temperature, pressure, and how to measure pulse and breathing and how to intravenous and intramuscular injection femoral vein and the opening (hang serum)
In addition to an educational healthy section which focus on how to deal with burns and wounds and fractures and cases of fainting and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, poisoning and nosebleed and how to measure them and how treat them In conclusion, the trainer has conducted allergy tests for all trainees.
Training workshop concluded to conduct practical and theoretical for the trainees final assessment to illustrate the extent of benefit and the Foundation granted eligibility documents for the purpose of work without the approval of the concerned authorities in the region committed to the local law.
Empowerment center for women a fraternity Foundation for Human Rights program, which set off in May 2014 and is continuing to provide its services to all women in his work region

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