The road map to resolve the Syrian conflict as viewed by civil society organizations

Civil society organizations pose a roadmap to stop the inflammatory situation between the components of the Syrian society!
Civil society organizations relay, and concern the deep, the outgrowth of the Syrian public discourse,
 which does not bode any assurances to the Syrian people components, as the recently – as a result of the lack of the awareness of the risks of broadcasts most of the media developed – to spread the spirit of segregation and lobbying, stressing freedom the press and expression, and the need for the various warring factions commitment to take into account a letter of Syrian civil peace standards, and adhere to codes of human rights, rejecting any incitement violent towards the other.
We in civil society organizations, as we see in Syria, a country of national, ethnic and religious components, call upon the international community to exert all possible pressure, to rein in these cases, and work on her return to the bosom of Syria as a state of the right and the law, so as to ensure the right to self-determination and the principles of Wilson Peace and Charter of the United Nations, and so on the following basis:
1. call for a cease-fire between the parties to the conflict.
2. Directed by foreign armed militias outside Syria to cooperate with the
United Nations and the international community.
3. claim neighboring countries to close their borders to foreign militants.
4. cancel all chauvinism decisions  and restore the rights of their respective owners.
5. halt attacks on religions, races and all creeds.
6. Work to address the kidnapped and missing persons file.
7. ensure the return of displaced people to their areas.
8. release of all prisoners of conscience, and close the file of political imprisonment.
9. Stop mutual accusations between the different components, or within a single component thereby intimidating, not carrying component exercise group or party of it, in such a way to get him out of the national circuit.
10. granting Syrian population areas provide interim management services,reservation of security and safety for its citizens to move to power in the country to an agreed authority.
11. We demand international organizations like the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab League as well as human rights organizations working to provide all forms of support to Syrians inside and outside their areas.
12. call for the convening of a national conference bringing together parties to the conflict under the auspices of the United Nations, and the adoption of the decisions of the Geneva Conference (1) the basis for a solution.
13. Authority to work to bring about transitional justice in Syria under the auspices of the Human Rights Council.
14. Syrian rights of all components in the multi-party democratic state guarantee within the framework of the decentralization policy, according to international conventions and to recognize the constitutionally.
This document has been the adoption on 20.9.2015 of the light modifying document of peace raised by the fraternity(Birati) Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) in 21/6/2015