Seminar on tolerance and peace in conjunction with the cease-fire in Syria

In the presence of a group of residents of Al-Hasakah the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights held at its headquarters in Al- Hasakah city a seminar on tolerance and peace, attended by 28 participants including 18 women and ladies of the people of the city in conjunction with the launch of a cease-fire in Syria.

The seminar managed by the associates shillan Hussein , secretary of the executive body of the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights. the seminar focused on: the concept of tolerance, and the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance, adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its twenty-eighth round, Paris, November 16, 1995.

Then the associates lecturer spoke about the types of tolerance, methods and its positive effects while the seminar dealt with the role of women in the center of the consolidation of value and principles of tolerance and to reach peace .And the seminar included a value discussions between the lecturer and the audience addressed the role of women and civil society organizations and human rights organizations in the consolidation of the concepts of tolerance and transitional justice and the principles of human rights and civil peace.

It is worth mentioning that the Fraternity Foundation for human rights one of the first Syrian organizations that worked to promote the concept of tolerance and implanting it as a basis of the desired peace in Syria after the conflict in the country between the opposition and government parties which increase congestion by regional and international irresponsible interventions and it was for the emergence of terrorist organizations like ISIS and others greatest impact in bringing Syrian internal divisions between communities, fueled sectarian affiliations, nationalism and sectarianism and failed to force the Syrian Civil mobility of all affiliations for curbing this dangerous moves , which Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights has long worked to warned of the consequences and disregard for the promoters to increase negatively on the country.