The series of the mines belonging to the ISIS hasn’t finished in its going out from the city and the countryside .

They have caused the deaths and wounding of dozens of civilians from the people of Kobani and its countryside after their return to their homes after the leaving of the ISIS. . Wednesday 5 – 4-2016 about six o’clock in the afternoon the team of monitoring and documentation of the Fraternity Foundation monitored a boosted box ready to bomb in a house in the village Qolana in the South of Kobani about 50 km when the owners of the house returned to their village and providing their house . The team documented the case that a civilian ( F, H ) lost his life and the another one ( A, Q) was injured in all of his body and he was taken to Hospital Amal in Kobani for treatment.. The village Qolana is located in the south of Kobani about 50 km and it an agricultural village with a population about two thousand people. It is worth mentioned that the ISIS stormed the village last year and kidnapped many citizens. The village is suffering from remnants of war and bombs left by the ISIS .