Statement of the joint chairman of the Legislative Council of ADANS on Our legal observations of associations law

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR) – on Tuesday, October 13, 2018 in Qamishli city – held a dialogue session on legislation, enactment of new laws and associations’ law.Our colleague, Perwin Abdel Fattah,presented a policy paper prepared by FFHR on ADANS’s law regulating the work of associations, organisations, and humanitarian institutions issued by Decree No. 3 of 2017.She discussed at length the computability of the law with the international and regional standards of the right to freedom of association where she talked about the legal reservation of the articles of the law,She submitted the policy paper to the chairman of the Legislative Council which included recommendations and demands to amend the current law to ensure its computability with international human rights law.

Mr. Hakam Khalo, the joint chairman of the Legislative Council of ADANS spoke about the conditions surrounding the establishment of ADANS and its institutions including the Legislative Council. He also addressed the issue of enacting laws and the problems facing the implementation of these laws.He valued the importance of organizing such dialogues with citizens and the need to be open to constructive criticism of ADANS :

Today, we were invited by the Fraternity foundation for human rights (FFHR) in a dialogue seminar on the laws issued by Autonomous Democratic Admiration between the text and its implementation . They had some criticisms regarding the law that regulate the right to association.
We are pleased to attend and encourage such meetings and to communicate with civil society whether through its institutions or even through parties.
Of course, this is a good initiative and FFHR is appreciated for its efforts.  We hope that their comments will be officially submitted to the Legislative Council.
We also invite them to attend a meeting of the Legislative Council to discuss these observations and come up with better formulas to achieve justice for the community.