The Syrian organizations condemn the Syrian regime to continue to arrest the writer Husein Iso and hiding him forcibly

On the fifth anniversary of the writer and the peace activist, Hussein Iso, was arrested by the Syrian regime, the Syrian organizations condemned the continuation of the Syrian regime in exercising to hide the, detainee Hussein Iso, forcibly. The organizations pointed out in their statement issued on Sunday 4 September 2016 in conjunction with the day on which Syrian peace activist ,Hussein Iso, was arrested to the need for the application of UN resolutions issued against the Syrian regime and demand the release of detainees and the statement reads as follows:

Today is the fifth anniversary of the arrest and hiding peace activist, Hussein Ali Issa known as Husain Iso, the Syrian Kurdish writer and the writer of media. He was the most prominent leaders of the protest peaceful popular movement in Hasakah Province and one of the main figures in the civil action before the Syrian revolution and in its start, he did not get involved in any violent activities.  Hussein Esau is the leading activists of reformist thinking in Syria. On  4 September about 1 am in 2011, a patrol of the forces of the Syrian air force intelligence, headed by Colonel Jamil Hassan arrested  Hussein Esau in front of his house  in ” Mershed” Neighborhood in Hasakah City  after calling him on 3 Septemberand asking him to come  then hiding him  forcibly  until this day without acceptance of  contacting with him  or visiting him by his family  or volunteer  lawyers to defend him. It was said through frequent information about the detainees who have been released recently that he is in the air Force intelligence branch in Mazza in the capital, Damascus, and his health is so bad because he was a patient in heart before he was arrested and subjected to inflammation of the nerves in the detainee. It is believed that he has not been give medicines and he was tortured repeatedly

In January 2012  the family of Hussein Iso in  coordination with civilian activists in Hasakah City arranged  a protest stand  in front of the Justice Palace in Hasakah City to demand the disclosure of his fate but the authorities procrastinated and did not died promises to reveal the fate of the detainee or tell  his place

Still the issue of Hussein Iso, where 5 years passedof his arrest, along with thousands of cases of enforced disappearance by the Syrian regime authorities against civil activists is unclear even though the regime issued several presidential decrees amnesty, but they included few founders of the Syrian popular protest movements. The military factions belonging to the opposition conducted dozens of negotiation operations and exchange of prisoners with the detainees of the Syrian regime for the opposition supporters and their families and even their fighters and civil activist issues kept without the slightest interest by both parties.

The Hussein Esau arrest and his  hiding forcibly and as we believe that he was tortured , includes a number of sufficient violations to condemn the Syrian regime and those who made the process of arrest and hide. We, in the undersigned organizations,condemn the arrest and hide the activist Hussein Iso, and being exposed to torture despite calls by the international community to end enforced disappearances, torture and other ill-treatment practices in the detention centers in Syria. As UN Security Council Resolution No 2139 in February 2014 called for the release of all those detained arbitrarily, and the call in the presidential statement adopted by the Security Council of the United Nations on 17 August 2015 was repeated. .

The Syrian authorities should listen to these claims without further delay, and to release immediately and unconditionally Hussein Iso, and all those detained only for their peace exercises for their human rights. .

The UN Security Council should ensure the effective and immediate implementation of UN Resolution 2139, and the arrival of independent international observers with obstacles to all persons deprived their liberty

4 September, 2016

  • Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression
  • Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria DAD
  • Sawa Youth Organization
  • Peace and civil society Center in Hasakah
  • Reform and change forum
  • Ashna Youth Organization
  • Free Kurdish Women’s Organization
  • Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights
  • Free syrian lawyers
  • Local Development and small-projects support office in Syria
  • Assyrian Democratic Organization
  • Bergav Foundation for Liberties and media
  • Fraternity Foundation for human rights
  • Empowerment center for women
  • Women’s Union of Kurdistan-Syria
  • Freedomraise Magazine