Tel Abyad : A seminar in framework of the Tolerate to spread peace activities campaign

The Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights Team held in the framework of the annual campaign (tolerate to spread peace).
On the occasion of International Day for Tolerance day on November 16 a seminar on the concepts of tolerance and civil peace in the city of Rural Tel Abyad Rural in Rehabilitation Center Hall in the city where provided lectures elite of the city personalities from all components. Associates Farida opened the seminar by welcoming lecturers , guests and speech for fellow Ibrahim Akhtah , director of Peace Program in Fraternity Foundation word institution in which he spoke at length about the concept of tolerance and the organization’s vision for this important and necessary concept.
Under the current circumstances plaguing the country and the activities of the campaign tolerate to spread peace and present as well as Mr. Hamdan Al abed joint head of the self-management of democracy in Tel Abyad, and Mr. Omar Aloush of the elders council of Tel Abyad and Mr. Mustafa Sabri from the Democratic Society Movement and Mr. Ibrahim al-Hassan from the Council of Democratic Syria, they talked about peace and tolerance in the city of Tel Abyad especially after the circumstances experienced by the city in the wake of the control of ISIS.
And liberate later by Syria democratic forces and the urgent need for these concepts to consolidate the values of co-existence in the city among all the components
The seminar concluded with honored the lecturers in recognition of their efforts in support of civil peace and consolidate the values of peace in Tel Abyad.

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