Ten children fell died and wounded from victims of bombs belonging the ISIS the dead and in the countryside of Tel Abyad

It was Followed -up by our monitors (the monitors of the team of monitoring and documentation in Fraternity Foundation in monitoring and documenting the victims of unexploded remnants of the ISIS from mines and explosive boxes and others in the city Tel Abyad and its countryside. On Friday in the afternoon 8 | 4| 2016 a land mine exploded which was planted in agricultural lands from the remnants of the ISIS in the village Darb Hasan in the southwestern of the city Tel Abyad about 23 km. The exploding led to killing six children and wounding of four ones whose cases are serious and they were taken to Amal Hospital in Kobani for treatments. It is noteworthy that the children from the village Matean and they were grazing their sheep in the village Darb Hasan which is located near to their village Matean less than 1 km. Three children are brothers. . The village Darb Hasan is located south-west of the city Tel Abyad about 23 km. Most of the populations are from Kurds and there are four Arabic families. Its has nearly 300 people and they work in agriculture