The lunch of FFHR’s activities in the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan

In the line with its strategic plan and direction of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights, which focuses on supporting and empowering Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, our regional office in Kurdistan, in Erbil city on Friday August 10, 2018 held a training workshop on the international framework for human rights and the location of Syria from the relevance. In the evening session, the forms of constitutions and governance were discussed.In the evening session, the forms of constitutions and governance were discussed.

Thirteen activists involved in civil and political issues attended the workshop from Dohuk and Erbil cities. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Wael Rasoul, licentiate in international and diplomatic relations.

The workshop lasted for 6 hours over two sessions. Our colleague, Sherzad Youssef, the regional director of the Fraternity foundation for human rights in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, opened the workshop by giving an introductory presentation about FFHR and its programs, strategy, and accomplishments in past years.

In his keynote address, the lecturer addressed the following:

  • The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
  • Syrian status with respect to the international agreements, conventions and treaties on human rights
  • State forms, constitutions and their divisions
  • Some international experiences in management (centralization and decentralization)

It is worth mentioning that FFHR aspires to provide all the necessary resources for the Syrian refugees in Kurdistan region of Iraq in the absence of the international and Syrian support.