This is how ISIS financed its extremist teachings in Tell Abyad, Syria.

Aside from the long narratives that have become known to all, it is of utmost importance to understand the mechanisms and the grounds that led to the emergence of this organization and its considerable capabilities in controlling, promoting and propaganda, where, in a short period of time, it became what resembles a state with frightening structure of administrative, organizational, military tools. So how and where ISIS was getting its money and how it managed it to be able to pass and promote its laws, doctrine and beliefs.

In this short paper we provide few document, out of thousands, that our investigators were able to obtain after the defeat of ISIS in Tell Abyadand its countryside on the hand of Kurdish force.

Upon studying and analysing these documents, it is clear that ISIS was getting the fund for Daar Al-Wqaf (i.e. Ministry of Religious Endowments), in Tell Abyad, from renting houses and shops, imposing taxes on citizens so that it can appoint teachers in its religious schools. In addition, ISIS was paying mosque’s Imams salary from these revenues.

Given that expenses and revenues are close in these documents, that means ISIS was able to rely on citizens to promote its ideas. It does not mean howeverthat this was the main source of income for ISIS as it controlled large areas rich with oil in Iraq and Syria in addition to agricultural lands and the border crossings betwen Syria and Iraq.

These documents show that the revenues were in the range of 5000 – 50000 Syrian pound which are equivalent to 10 – 100 US $ respectively.

However, the most frightening thing in these documents is length of these religious courses, where terrorist indoctrination would last for almost three months, which creates a terrorist that cannot easily be returned to its senses. This raises the seriousness and the importance of rehabilitating childrenin these areas and to try to mitigate the effects of these doctrines.This is a task that we believe we all need in order to spare our present and future from the risks of these indoctrinations which could be some social bombs that the terrorist group could use to advance its agenda.


  • A document shows Daar Al-Wqaf’srevenue
  • A document shows the duration of each religious course.
  • A document shows the wage of Imams and Sharia’s teachers.