“Be tolerated, peace will be prevailed “

The campaign’s activities were concluded “Be tolerated, peace will be prevailed ” on International Day for Tolerance on 16 November

The FFHR concluded its annual campaign” Be tolerated , peace will be prevailed” which was launched on the International Day for Tolerance on 16 November and the peace program in the FFHR supervised the planning and implementation of the campaign that has been implemented in the five cities where the FFHR’s work; in Al- Hasakah ,Qamishli , Terbaspiya , Serekaniye( Ra’s Ayn ) and Kobanî The campaign targeted nearly 700 citizens including civilians , military persons , politicians , educated elites and social figures, in addition to the economical activities directly through the poster allocated to the campaign to be distributed ,which was designed by the team of media and art production network. One of the FFHR’s programs is Bromo to be designed and it is specialized to the campaign ” Be tolerated” in order to promote for the occasion before its activities to be launched and workshops in the art of negotiation and conflict resolution and seminars and ceremony honoring to tolerated figures working in the civil peace. The campaign and reached through its flex and advertisements and through its t means of social communication to an unspecified number of indirect targeted . The campaign started on 10 November to suspend the campaign’s flex in the public streets and on the facades of the headquarters of the FFHR . The flex was the annual design and it was in four languages : Arabic, Kurdish , Syriac and English as they were in the attached photos . A flex was suspended in Serekaniye (Ra’s al-Ayn ) and the other one was suspended in Al-Hasakah . A flex was suspended in Qamishli and one was suspended in Terbaspiya and one in Kobanî. Followed by the distribution of a poster campaign in all the target cities: The poster was distributed in al-Hasakah , Qamishli , Terbaspiya ,Kobanî and in Serekaniye(Ra’s al-Ayn) The FFHR’s team also held workshops in negotiation and conflict resolution . They focused on the definition of conflict , stages of the conflict , analysis of the conflict , acceptance of the conflict , the causes of the conflict , and how to resolve the conflict. In Al- Hasakah, a workshop in the art of negotiation and conflict resolution . It was attended by 12 citizens , including 7 females and in Qamishli it was attended by 17 trainees , including 16 females. The FFHR concluded its campaign on the last day which was the International Day of Tolerance through doing a seminar in Al-Hasakah which 26 participants attended , including 17 women, and a seminar where the FFHR hosted figures working in the civil peace in Qamishli .It was attended by 20 participants , including 17 women. The city of Ra’s Al- Ayn had a special ceremony honoring for who work in the civil peace included o the social figures of various members of the society. The ceremony was attended by nearly 100 local social figures of the city, where 9 figures were honored, Two of them were from the Arabs and 3 of them were the Kurds and a Kurdish Yazidi figure and a man of Muslim religion in addition to a a Syriac figure. The ceremony honoring of the tolerant had a wide acceptance of the citizens of the city and it achieved its goals to encourage the figures working in the civil peace to make more effort to resolve disputes and to improve relations among the different members of the community. It also added the culture to who work in the civil field . The FFHR used to promote the culture in all occasions which is the culture of appreciation and honor and it has become a tradition followed by various organizations in encouraging their workers and civil activists working in the region