Training workshop in Hassakah city, on political freedom

15 female and 17 male activists from 12 civil society organisation and Interested people , a training workshop, on political freedom ” freedom of peaceful assembly and of association ” in accordance with the international law, was lunched today, August 13th 2018, at the headquarter of Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights at the office of our colleagues Ashna youth organization in Hassakah city.

the workshop which started at 5 PM. The first session lasted for three hours and the trainer, covered the following topics:
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,
Emergency law, rights that cannot be undermined during a state of emergency,
freedom of expression, freedom of peaceful assembly and of association,
and how to establish associations.

This workshop, which will last for four days, aims at promoting civil political liberties and individual freedoms in Syria, especially in stable areas; and strengthening the role of Civil Society in decision-making and active participation in political life