“Tribal Face of Peace in Syria” Deir al-Zor as a case study

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The peace process in Syria lacked the reliance on elements and factions of Syrian community that could play a key role in negotiations of peace building in Syria.

We could not include all elements and factions of the Syrian community in our research, but we have chosen one of the main elements in a specific and significant region in Syria in order to make it a base for possible scenarios for managing the peace process and then building and maintaining it for the future.

Our research“Tribal Face of Peace in Syria was prepared by the Center for Studies of Extremism and Terrorism in the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights (FFHR). The research is based primarily on practical survey study and direct interviews with experts in tribal lineages and an analysis of the events during theperiod since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in all its forms,such as the peaceful movement, the transformation intoa military conflict, the struggle over oil, and the emergence of radical organizations in this vital region. The region of Deir al-Zor links Syria and Iraq, where the most important remnants of the Iraqi regime and the negative role of the Syrian regime are concentrated in fuelling Sunni oppression and exploiting itto disturb the stability of the region.

The authors of this research tried to rely only on the resources of FFHR from the beginning to the stages of editing, design and publishing. This isto make the search independent from the effects of political finance and be far from getting involved in distorting facts.

Tribal Face of Peace in Syriais a contribution to the quest for peace in Syria provided by FFHRaway from what is known as“dark rooms,” but rather we made it publically and transparentlyin order to benefit any peace seekers in Syria.

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To read and download the research please click here Deir-al-Zor-tribes-role-in-Syrian-peace