The Turkish border guards killed a civilian near Ra’s Al- Ayn (Serekaniye )

A civilian lost his life as a result of shooting by the Turkish border guards while he tried to cross into the Turkish territory at Ra’s Al- Ayn ( Serekaniye) .
For more three years , the Turkish authorities has closed up the border crossings with Syria in the north-eastern parts of Syria (Jarablos and Tel Abyad ), and the civilians are suffering from beatings and firing live bullets by the Turkish border guards while attempting to cross into Turkish territory illegally. The team of Monitoring and Documentation of the FFHR has documented most of those cases. On 28 Sunday , 2016 at about 2,30 a.m. , the guy (A, A), aged 23, tried to cross into the Turkish territory at Ra’s Al-Ayn in the northern –east of Syria illegally (smuggling) , so the Turkish border guards fired him true bullets and he lost his life immediately . It is stated that the victim is from the village Kosa in the countryside of Afrin. Ra’s Ayn is a Syrian city and it is located on the north of the province of Al- Hasakah , and it is near the Syrian-Turkish border. The River Khaboor passes through the city and it is about 80 km away from Al-Hasakah and about 100 km away from Qamishli. It has area of 25 thousand km 2, and most of its population are the Kurds, and there are also the Arabs and the Christian people. The city has a fertile soil and most people depend on agriculture , grazing and trade and it has 90 thousand people