Two children were injured seriously by the remnants belonging to the ISIS Injuring in the countryside of the city Ra’s al-Ayn

The mines belonging to the ISIS are still continuous in taking civilians’ lives in every city and village which was controlled by the ISIS. At noon on Friday 15| 4| 2016 the monitors of the team of monitoring and documentation of Fraternity Foundation managed to document two victims’ names in the village Qantare in Ra’s a- Ayn ( Serekaniye) at explosion a mine from the remnants belonging the ISIS in the village. After the village was controlled by the Kurdish Units of People’s and took it from the ISIS in 06/18/2015. When the ISIS as usual comes out of every village or city, it leaves mines and bombs are ready to go off. The two children were playing with a strange object when it exploded and taken to Salam Hospital in the city Qamishli. After several operations had been done , they got well and they are still lying in the hospital.