Woman empowerment graduated 52 trainees in sewing and hairdressing skills

The training workshop for the sewing and hairdressing has been concluded in the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights Headquarter for 52 trainees who started the vocational training in the women center in Al-Hasakah where the graduated certificate has been distributed for the graduated and a group of 32 women and ladies has started with hairdressing craft and a group of 20 women and ladies with sewing craft since 27th of September 2016, after they have the legal awareness in the basic concepts for the human rights and CIDAW and the elimination of violence against women. they continue the practical training for two months at a rate of two to three hours daily..
The women empowerment center supported by the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights has established in May 2014 and he continued working until today and were fraternity Foundation for Human Rights and since the beginning of 2016 give him all of the logistical and moral support from donating of Directors and constituent body due to the lack of adequate support for the empowerment activities

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