On the World Day Against Child Labor ” Their childhood is our future and their employment is our lose.”

Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights on 12 June 12
Press release
Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights said that today is 12 June 2016, which is the World Day Against Child Labor and according to the summary of the report which was prepared during the first week of this month about committed violates against child especially the issue of child labor and what the report states about a serious danger to the future of the children in Syria in light of the conflict in the country for more than five years of conflict .
It calls on all international organizations leading by the International Labor Organization and UNICEF, the concerned authorities, local authorities, specifically the democratic self-management, which controls the areas where the report targeted to the need to act immediately in order to take serious steps to reduce the terrible violations committed daily against the child and childhood that war took from the Syrian children during the past five years . During these years the children still pay more and they are the most affected as a result of this war and this will lead to having a generation of runners away of education and are being threatened to be unknown terribly.
The issue of child labor has largely taken hold in all Syrian cities since the start of popular protests in Syria and excessive dealing of violence by the Syrian regime, has increased, according to international organizations estimates during the war years and it increased in deteriorating as a result of economic crisis and raising in prices during the last two years of the war. Many families had to make their children work and there is also a large number of children are considered as the main breadwinners because the family lost their breadwinner during the war. This conclusion is through the sample which was targeted in the report via documentation 158 cases of child labor and more 20 witnesses by owners of jobs and the children’s families and direct interviews with the children aged between 6-15 years.
Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights documented in Kobani escaping 23 children out of 38 children were targeted in the research in Kobani and in Tel Abyad there are 11 children escaped from education out of the 19 cases of child labor the report documented . The percentage of who are escapers of education is more 80 from the targeted category .
Jehan Barry , the Director of the program of child protection and rights of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights in Kobani and Tel Abyad, says that a large number of these children exposes to dangerous altitudes in their lives such as physical risks which may be caused by being them worked at an early age because it is an obstacle for their physical growth. Most cases were monitored by the team of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights were to the children working in dangerous occupations where 40% children work in the shops of maintaining and repairing of cars and 8% cases that we monitored working in blacksmithing. We all recognize the risks to these two dangerous professions

In addition to the exploitation of employers because of their urgent need to work and pay low wages in the jobs that are more than their abilities. The child is away from his natural and healthy environment and lives in the environment where dangers that harm his correct ethical and behavioral growth are. The child may be exposed during working and staying away from his family to insults and getting into the hassle and acquiring wrong words and behaviors that harm his childhood and his future. In addition to more likely be subjected to harassment and sexual exploitation.
Dalal Ismail, the Director of the program of child protection and rights of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights in Al-Hasakah and its countryside, says that during our monitoring of violations committed against children that Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights monitored about 158 cases of child labor the main reason for working of these children was because of the bad economic conditions of most of their families because of the conflict in Syrian and the imposed siege in most of the Syrian cities.

So the United Nations and all international organizations had to assume their responsibilities towards the Syrian children and starting serious steps to stop risks of this problem now and in the future to the children of Syria. This problem may increase and be serious in the future. All international parties and the concerned about the Syrian affairs have to urge all parties to the conflict to lift the siege on all besieged areas and the introduction of aid to alleviate the economic pressures on the families, and to provide health and psychological services for children to return them to their childhood, such as opening centers of physical and behavioral re-readiness for children.
Behzad Juma, the Director of Childhood Friends Centre that is one of the activities of Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights in Qamishli, says that involving the children in working at an early age may create a lot of psychological problems. Many of these children face responsibilities that are larger than their own age and abilities. This could create a sense of helplessness and anxiety about the future, and being them exposed to harsh positions during labor may cause a psychiatric disorder that may turn into mental illness. ”

. Many of families of the children make their children work in the leisure and summer holidays because there are no safe places that the child may go in his spare time, and in order to the child avoids staying in an environment dominated by bickering and quarreling, and the fear of to be in the military aspects. This leads to losing the children the sense of childhood that is playing , entertaining , learning and safety.
Fraternity Foundation For Human Rights recommends declared democratic self-management in the Kurdish-majority areas of the need of children escaping of school through the provision of education for children from the Arabs to learn in their mother tongue according to the curriculum that they choose just like the Kurdish children who began to learn their mother tongue, although the Kurdish curricula by the Democratic self-Administration was met protests by many political parties . It has to be reconsidered scientifically and educationally that are suitable with children.
Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights also appeals to the international organizations, led by the ILO and UNICEF need to exercise their leading roles in supporting services to all children and not to continue just in dealing with licensed civic organizations by the Syrian regime to provide services for children in the region.