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A workshop on violation of property rights

A training workshop on violation of housing, land, and property rights was concluded in Qamishli city yesterday, Monday 21st of February 2022. The workshop was held in and coordinated by the Civil House. The workshop was held for a group of civil society activists and jurists working on documenting violations of property rights.

The workshop lasted for approximately six hours and cantered on violations of the right to property in #SereKaniyeh, Ras al-Ain and #Afrin areas, which are occupied by Turkey.

Our colleague Parwin Abdel Fattah, Director of the Awareness and Training Unit at the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights, moderated the workshop which focused mainly on:

• Housing, land, and property rights: definition, tools for their protection, applicable international law.

• Approaches and tools for enhancing and protecting rights to housing, land and property.

• Main documentation resources and the most striking violations of right to housing, land and property.

• Pinheiro Principles on Housing, Land and Property Rights.

• The role of international donors and humanitarian relief organizations in protecting these rights.

• Demographic change and applicable international law to property rights violations.