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Right to freedom of


FFHR seeks to promote and protect the right to freedom of association for all Syrians. And advocating the Syrian individuals and groups to ensure that they have this right and can implement it. FFHR monitors local and national laws of Association and regulations in Syria and seeks to accordance them with international human rights law and covenants. we monitor and document these violations, we defend the victims

Human Rights Defenders are not fighting alone, not anymore.!

FFHR recognizes human rights defenders working to protect and defend any and all of the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights But only adopts whether groups or individuals work within the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association

Razan Zeitouneh
and the Douma4

Syrian activist and documenter of rights violations Razan Zeitouneh was kidnapped on 9 December 2013, alongside her husband, Wa’el Hamade, and colleagues Samira Al Khalil and Nazem Al Hamadi. ‘The Douma Four’ have been missing ever since. Years before the 2011 Syrian revolution, the name of Razan Zeitouneh was well-known within activist circles in Syria.Shortly after the initial 2011 protests, Zeitouneh co-founded the Local Coordination Committees (LCCs) to help organise demonstrations and document the protests as well as the brutal crackdown inflicted upon protesters by regime forces.


Human Rights Defenders are not fighting alone, not anymore.!

Since the lunch of our foundation in 2013, we never ceased to defend human rights for all segments of our society. Over time, we accumulated experience and developed valuable skills, which we consider to be vital for improving our performance and methods for our ongoing struggle for a strong and empowered civil society where civil society organisations and human right defenders have the leading role in promoting the emerging democracy which essential to triumph in our continued fight against authoritarianism and human right violations.

Only out of specialized advocating of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association and ensuring effective participation of civil society, we will be able build and develop the capacity of our foundation and that of our fellow organisations to ensure resilience and victory in our struggle and to consolidate values of freedom, democracy, equality and justice.

Because we are stronger together, the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights sees the importance of a constructive practical alliance between civil society organizations through joint work rather than through fragile alliances that focus on administrative forms instead of focusing on working for human rights issues and civil liberties.

This report, issued by the Fraternity Foundation for Human Rights, focuses on the effects of Law No. (3) of 2017 and its executive regulations, known as The Law Governing the Work of Civil Society Organizations issued by the self-administration of North and East Syria) shows the effectiveness of civic engagement of Organizations of Civil Work in northern and eastern Syria.

In light of this negative reality, the initiative of the brotherhood institution for human Rights is the drafting of a policy paper on Decree-Law No. 3 of 2017 Law of Organizations, Associations and Civil Society; as a basic entry point for activating my rights to amend the legislative structure of associations in areas under the control of democratic self-management.

In furtherance of resolution 2254 aimed at advancing a political process to resolve the Syrian conflict, the  (FFHR) issued a position paper on the drafting of the Syrian. in order to bridge the gap left by the communication between the participants in the special Syria talks and the components of the Syrian society all mechanism to ensure that the information on the process of drafting the Constitution, 

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